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You might be:

• A seasoned professional wishing to improve your vocal delivery
• A student preparing for music exams
• Preparing for an audition
• An enthusiastic amateur
• Someone who's been told they can't sing and believes it
• Someone who's been told they can sing and doesn't believe it
• An asthmatic who's been recommended to sing by their doctor
• A doctor
• A banker
• Looking for a creative outlet
• Dealing with depression or grief and looking for a new hobby
• Just wanting to have a bit of a laugh and let off some vocal steam
• A member of a choir
• Preparing to give up the day-job and become a full-time performer
• A comedian
• A candidate for a TV talent or reality show
• A past contestant on a TV talent or reality show
• A successful jazz singer
• A successful folk singer
• A tribute act
• A songwriter with confidence problems
• Someone with previous vocal damage
• Under the impression you are tone deaf
• Under the impression you are God's gift
• The parent of an undiscovered vocal genius
• A touring performer needing a quick work-out
• An actor preparing for a role
• A producer looking for musical direction
• A guitarist who is suddenly required to sing
• A business person or academic nervous about a presentation
• Wanting to modify your accent
• A chef
• A computer analyst
• A karaoke wannabe
• A granny
• Still at school
• A one-hit wonder from the 1980s getting ready for a comeback
• A drag queen
• A chef
• A bus driver
• A nurse
• A firefighter
• A web designer
• Unemployed
• A geography student
• A superstar in your own shower but too shy to sing in front of others

... in which case you wouldn't be the first (you all know who you are!). Chances are between us we can help you make some progress and have some fun along the way. Chances are, too, you wouldn't be looking at this if you weren't interested in improving your vocal skills and enjoyment, or looking for a tutor for someone you know who would like to get more from their own voice. So get in touch!

Fact: It is very rare indeed to be genuinely tone deaf

Fact: Some of the world's most famous singers still take lessons